Mars or Bust

Do you want to escape it all, get away from that job, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or ex. How about a trip to Mars? The one major catch, you won’t be able to return to earth. A Dutch company is looking for applicants who want to travel to Mars and set up the first human colony as part of a reality show. The deadline is August 31st to apply and they already have 10,000 applicants. You can find out more here. The first trip is scheduled for 2022.

Me personally, I would be glued to the TV watching the show. I mean come on, we all would want to see if they make it to the planet, land safely, and can even survive the conditions of the planet and each other. Isn’t that why our parents watched the moon landing for some of the same reasons? It will be interesting to see if the project ever gets off the ground (pun intended).


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Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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14 comments on “Mars or Bust
  1. Cathy Ulrich says:

    That would be the most gripping reality show ever! And I while I don’t like reality shows, that one might get my attention. But I think I’d rather stay here on Earth…

  2. daredodie says:

    Sometimes I wish I could just start over, but maybe if I could do it on this planet I would be more likely to. I’m sure these people would have to do a shit load of paperwork.

  3. Maybe I will be able to afford cable by then so I can watch it! lol

  4. Kira says:

    I would want to be heading for Mars! Heck, I feel like I already live on Mars sometimes in my life anyways! lol

  5. and since I don’t have cable, I better not tell my husband about this because he’d be auditioning for the show! UNREAL!

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