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Survival Training

  Zombie Boot Camp, how in the hell did I miss this?  Now I definitely  need to plan a trip to England.  There is a company that offers a Zombie Boot Camp  that, according to their website offers: “full combat

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What do you see?

I look at you, you look at me, what do we see? I see one who is beautiful and strong Something you have refused to believe for so long The world is not out to get you I know you

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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

I am very humbled to have been nominated by three writers for two awards.  It is a great feeling knowing someone reads my posts and like what I have written enough to nominate me for various awards. The Sadder but

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Powerball, no thank you. Yes I’m a fool.

Why does going back to work after a vacation always suck? Heck even going back to work after a weekend sucks. The Powerball jackpot is over $425 million, maybe it’s time to start buying lottery tickets. I rarely get caught

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Goodbye for now

We have talked, laughed, and shed some tears, We ate, played and drank some beers, No it’s time to head back west We shall treasure these moments like all the rest The holiday weekend flew by so fast Just like

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You want the truth?

The real reason I return to St. Louis every year is Imo’s Pizza. Yes it’s good to see family, yes I enjoy the turkey dinner, but I miss Imo’s. New Yorkers, and Chicagoans have their pizza, but I will take

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Post meal snack, sure count me in.

‘Twas the night of Thanksgiving, But I just couldn’t sleep. I tried counting backwards, I tried counting sheep. The leftovers beckoned – the dark meat and white, But I fought the temptation with all of my might. Tossing and turning

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