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The Illustrator

The Berkley Michigan group have released their debut EP A Tale of Modern Theatrics this month. Members of the five piece band are Sean Hill, Kyle Zander, Karl Seger and the bands newest additions Drew Bender and Alex O’Day. Having

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Escaping Pavement 

Escaping Pavement’s Emily Burns and Aaron Markovitz met one night at an open mic, from the group’s website:”They were teen guitarists obsessed with roots music.” The group released its debut CD Uprooted in 2013. At that time the band was

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AR in OK

This evening I decided to take a walk along the Arkansas River in Tulsa. I have now seen the Arkansas River in Colorado, Oklahoma and Arkansas.  It is interesting to watch the river in Tulsa as the area around the

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Very interesting

I wonder if U-Haul knows someone left one of their trucks on top of the building?     Just curious that’s all.   Now back to our regular scheduled program. 😀 Nothing like spending a nice Tuesday evening at the ballpark

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I love this bar

One if my favorite stops when I’m in Tulsa is Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar. Yes I know it’s a chain, I have been to the Denver and Oklahoma City locations as well, but it is still a place

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Colin Trusedell

I will admit there are some genres of music that I know very little about and jazz is one of them, so I plan on getting a crash course in jazz music as my guest tonight on Front Range Radio

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Happy Birthday

My favorite character turns 65, happy birthday Snoopy.  Actually the whole Peanuts gang turns 65.   Snoopy and Charlie Brown have always been my favorite comic strip characters.  I could watch the Charlie Brown holiday specials and never get tired

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Katy Returns

From Katy’s website: Deep in the heart of Texas is the birthplace of Katy Graves sound. As a native Texan, Katy grew up surrounded by gospel, soul, and country music influences. Singing since before she could remember, Katy found her

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America’s Mountain

It has been a few years since I last drove up to the top of Pike’s Peak, so today I decided to make that long overdue journey back to the top.The drive is not for the weak as there are

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I finally went to see my first Colorado Springs Switchback game this season.  This is the team’s inaugural season both as a team and in the United Soccer League Pro (USL).  As best I understand the USL is connected to

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