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Labor Day Weekend, Party!!!

  Yard mowed..Check Extra food in the refrig..Check Extra sheets and towels ready for out-of-town guests..Check Extra ice in freezer for cooler..Check Grill ready, steaks purchased..Check House cleaned for out-of-town guests..Check Car filled with gas..Check (Yikes!! $3.55 a gallon) Batteries

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My dog and popcorn.

Pavlov hit the nail on the head with his condition response study and dogs. My dog, the minute she hears the wrapper being taken off the popcorn bag she runs to the kitchen. As the popcorn is being cooked in

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August are you over yet?

  This month for me seems like it won’t end.  I don’t know why as a lot has been going on this month.  Kids went back to school, meet the teacher nights, social functions, yet I woke up this morning

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What is Respect?

When you get to the counter know what you are going to order, if not stay out of line until you do because there are several people behind you that do know what they want. I am happy for you

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Ladies and Gentleman, The Beatles! Well sort of

Friday night I went to a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.  The group was 1964 The Tribute, a Beatles tribute band.  It was a perfect evening to wind down the summer. If you have never been to Red Rocks Amphitheatre,

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What.. me worry?

  School has started this week for my sons.  It is a bitter-sweet time as my oldest is now a Senior, big man on campus.  I can’t believe he is a Senior.  It seems like yesterday we were looking at

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What ever happened….

What ever happened to true customer service? What ever happened to talking to a real person when calling a company and not having to go thru a computer? What ever happened to calling a company for help and reaching someone

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A Day with Mother Nature

I made my first trip up Pike’s Peak yesterday as a Colorado resident. My prior trips have all been while I was vacationing in Colorado. This trip was also my first trip driving up to the top. The previous trips

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I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on the drum all day long!

I have a love hate relationship with Sundays.  I love the fact that I’m off work, I can sleep in, go hiking or off roading in my vehicle.  When winter starts to arrive, I can have a lazy Sunday watching

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And the winner is… none of the above

Lucky me I live in what is termed a “battle ground state” .  What does this mean?  Well it means I get to watch lots of commercials for both of the candidates, thank God for DVRs and fast forwarding thru

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