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Would you rather part3

It has been awhile since I have done a would you rather question. Put your thinking cap on. I always hated that phrase, I mean really what does a thinking cap look like but I digress. Would you rather have

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Share Your World 2013 Week 18

What is your favorite animal? Let’s see I love cows, they make good steaks. Can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey. Now don’t forget bacon. Ummmm so pigs. Then there is chicken either fried or bar b que. I think that covers

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You never can be to careful

Actual sign in a restaurant called Tom’s Diner in Denver. Not sure if it is the same diner Suzanne Vega sang about or not.

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Root 40 Music Fest

Spent the day in Denver  for the Root 40 Music Fest.  It was Musicians in Action to help fight hunger.  Everyone was asked to bring a canned good for admittance with the food going to a local homeless shelter. The

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Vicki Logan, music for all whether human or bovine

This weeks featured artist on Front Range Radio is Vicki Logan. Her music is considered New Age music, but don’t let that fool you. Her music takes the listener on a journey, a journey that is different for each. I

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Mars or Bust

Do you want to escape it all, get away from that job, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, or ex. How about a trip to Mars? The one major catch, you won’t be able to return to earth. A Dutch company is looking

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WordPress Family Award

I have been nominated by two people on the same day for the WordPress Family Award. I thank from the bottom of my heart both Kira of Wrestling Life and Petite Magique. Both of these individuals have great blogs with

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