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That’s all Folks

It has been a reality that I didn’t want to face, but I feel it is time to shut down my blog for the time being. I started it as a lark a few years ago and I have enjoyed it, but I have come to the realization that I’m not a very good blogger and my blog itself was all over the place. Recently it has gotten harder and harder to get motivated to write/post anything.  I’m a private person, so writing about myself was never something I was able to.  I enjoyed sharing my photos even though I’m not a good photographer, writing about unknown musicians was fun but I know it has a very limited appeal.  So I feel it’s probably best to step away.

I have found some great people and good writers through this experience. Individuals who through their encouragement I have pursued my dream of being back on radio. (The radio show is not ending). Individuals who I would love to meet someday and buy them a drink or a cup of coffee and tell them how much I enjoy their blogs.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read one of my posts, write a comment or even clicked the like button. It is appreciated more than you think.

While I am ending FrontRangeScribbles, I will still be reading everyone’s great work.


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Ben Knighten

Colorado musician Ben Knighten appeared on Front Range Radio this past Sunday.  We discussed his upcoming album Light The Way that will be released in March.  The album will be Ben’s third album following All I Want released in 2011 and Keep The Sky released in 2012 Ben was also kind enough to play a few songs from the upcoming album including this one “Folly”

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How I spent my Christmas vacation

I had eight vacation days remaining for the year and because my company has a use it or lose it policy on vacation days, I decided to take the last two weeks of the year off.  Now that vacation is over and I’m back at the grindstone. I’m dragging trying to get back into the groove.  Boy I wish I had another two weeks off again.  I had an enjoyable time the last two weeks, and because I have been suffering from writer’s block I will share my vacation adventures with you. Aren’t you so glad you decided to read this post?

I saw several movies during the two weeks.  In fact I was at movie theater more during those two weeks than I have been over the last several months.  I saw the new Star Wars movie (LOVED IT), I also saw the new Peanuts movies (enjoyed it) The Intern with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway (the trailer leads you to believe it is a pure comedy film, it is not) and finally the latest Mad Max although I did get that from RedBox using a free night rental code.

The first week of the vacation had beautiful weather so I was able to hike around Garden of the Gods, and I also tried the Mt Cutler trail in CO Springs, but there was still too much ice on that trail that I was not able to get far.  I really enjoy Garden of the Gods, it is close to my house and has many trails to take plus the scenery is fantastic.  It is a nice place to spend a few hours to get away from everything.

I spent part of a day in Denver, ice skating at an outdoor rink off of the 16th Mall area in Denver.  Visited the Christkindl market, it is a German Christmas market that is set up every year in Denver.  On the way back to the Springs from Denver, I drove through a Christmas light display.

The day after Christmas, I packed the car and headed east to St. Louis to visit family.  I battled high winds along Interstate 70 all the way to Topeka KS only to drive through heavy rain from Topeka to St. Louis.  I luckly left St. Louis before the heavy flooding occurred, although I did have to deal with part of Interstate 70 closing down outside of St. Louis in St. Charles MO.

New Years eve was a quiet one for me, no big parties or anything.  I didn’t even make it to midnight but you know what, when I woke up on January 1st, it didn’t feel any different than December 31st.

I watched a few of the college bowl games involving teams that I was interested in (the SEC is back), watched some NFL games on the last weekend of the season (Go Broncos).

Now the vacation has ended and I am back to work.  No holidays until Memorial Day, man I am going to have to schedule some vacation time between now and Memorial Day.



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Happy New Year

May 2016 be kind to you, may you realize all of your dreams and happiness follows you though out the year.

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Merry Christmas

If you know me, you know Charlie Brown is my favorite comic/cartoon.  To me there is no better Christmas special than the Charlie Brown one which I watch the DVD of every year.  


Merry Christmas everyone and peace on earth to all.  

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So Close

It is almost here, can you feel it? 


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Bucket List

I want to drive a Zamboni.  

If anyone has a connection let me know. 

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Screwed up again

The nice weather is really interfering with my Christmas shopping.  Today was another nice day, I’m on vacation this week so I didn’t want to waste it in stores.  I did a little of the Mt Cutler trail.  Because  the lower part of the trail does not get much sunlight, there still was snow on the trail and some ice so I did not get very far up the trail.  I did not come prepared that’s for sure.

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Christmas Shopping?

Yeah I was supposed to do some shopping today, but the weather was so nice, the sun was out so I decided to take a little hike instead.


I guess I will have to get my parent’s gift tomorrow.

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Happy Thanksgiving 


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