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Ben Knighten

Colorado musician Ben Knighten appeared on Front Range Radio this past Sunday.  We discussed his upcoming album Light The Way that will be released in March.  The album will be Ben’s third album following All I Want released in 2011 and

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Franklin Manor

Franklin Manor, with lead singer Kevin Keplin who grew up just outside of Colorado Springs in Woodland Park CO, will be my guest on a special episode of Front Range Radio. The group will join me in the KCMJ studio

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Thanksgiving Music

From, thankful songs for your Thanksgiving day “Alice’s Restaurant” – Arlo Guthrie “Thank You” – Sly & The Family Stone “Thank You” – Dido “The Thanksgiving Song” – Adam Sandler “Thank You For The Music”- Abba “Thank You Lord”


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Brontide Effect

  Brontide Definition: A sound like that of distant thunder, some of which may have seismic origins. The Colorado Springs based band Brontide Effect released their debut album Fault Lines in February of this year.  The members of the group are Joe

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Musketeer Gripweed

The group out of Ft. Collins Colorado released this month their album Floods and Fires, something residents of Colorado can relate to after 2013. The group describes themselves as “American Revival Stomp Shake Ass Holla band” Mix rock with some

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The Williams Brothers Band

I have always enjoyed “live” albums or versions of songs.  You know songs recorded in concert and released either as a whole album or as a single song.  To me these recordings display the true talents of the group, the songs

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Justin Cross

  Charlotte North Carolina singer songwriter, Justin Cross will be releasing his EP Let Me In on April 18th. He was brought up with fundamentalist upbringing in Massachusetts that built-in him a personal desire to reach outside himself for something bigger.

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Ryan Aderréy

Ryan Aderréy, grew up around music, but he had a greater love for playing soccer.   After a year at Boston University, Ryan had the opportunity to play for OmniWorld, a professional soccer team out of Amsterdam. “I didn’t know

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  Snacktime is a band out of LA that released their new album Daydreams and Night Scenes this past month.  This is the third release for the group following their  EP The Kings Canyon in September 2013 and An Epic Drama of Adventure

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Winchester Holiday

Winchester Holiday is an independent rock band, with members based in Fort Collins and Boulder. The group consists of two pairs of brothers and one adopted wild child. Raised on the same street, the Cecils and Workmans influenced each others’

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