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How I spent my Christmas vacation

I had eight vacation days remaining for the year and because my company has a use it or lose it policy on vacation days, I decided to take the last two weeks of the year off.  Now that vacation is

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Bucket List

I want to drive a Zamboni.     If anyone has a connection let me know. 

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Thank you Veterans!

I hope you thank a veteran today and every day, not just on Veteran’s Day.

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Radio wisdom

The office I’m at this week had a classic rock station on today. I have heard these songs many times over the years, but for some reason the lyrics had me thinking today. So thanks to the many classic rock

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Happy Birthday

My favorite character turns 65, happy birthday Snoopy.  Actually the whole Peanuts gang turns 65.   Snoopy and Charlie Brown have always been my favorite comic strip characters.  I could watch the Charlie Brown holiday specials and never get tired

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One more time 

Tonight is my final night in San Diego. I have been lucky enough to see four wonderful sunsets this week.       I love the water, I love the ocean, and I love watching the sunset each night.  I envy

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I wanna

This was outside my window this morning. I wanted to be in that balloon today. Sailing off to who knows where.     I also “wanna rock and roll all night and party every day” but that is a different story 

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At 37,000+ feet the world looks peaceful. No religious wars, no killings over cartoons, no protests against police officers. Just clouds and mountains. A tranquility that is sadly missing in the world today. I end my show each week by

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The Fog

Where I’m at this week it has been very foggy the last few days. Heading back to the hotel from the office each night the fog was very thick. The road I have to take is a narrow two lane

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No this post is not about Getty Lee and the group out of Canada, it’s about an observation. Why are we in such a big rush? Every time I have gotten on the elevator at the hotel this week and

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