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Just around the river bend

I think next to oceans, I like rivers. Something about watching the water just floating by is peaceful. It was a perfect evening to watch the water and people out on the river canoeing.    

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Cold as a Rocky Mountain stream

After living in Colorado for five years, I finally made the trek to Golden CO to take the Coors Brewery tour.   Growing up in St. Louis I have taken the tour of Anheuser Busch many times. It was nice

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Some interesting signs I have seen recently.   This first one I got a good laugh a few weeks ago and then went and had a steak.  This one I saw along a trail in Sakatoon this evening   I guess

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Be careful what you plant or what seeds you may drop on the ground, you never know what might sprout from that seed.

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Slow Down

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers.    

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i went to a zoo today, it was not my first choice of activity to do but I went. I realized while there that I no longer enjoy zoos.  As a kid, I would go to the zoo almost at

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Mount Rainier

I was lucky enough to to be able to spend Sunday at Mount Rainier National Park.  What a beautiful place to spend a day and hike some trails. Besides the scenery I think the best thing I liked about the

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Dragons, Villians, and more

EMP Museum Seattle Washington  The museum is having an exhibit featuring many of the original costumes worn in the various Star Wars movies.  They also have an exhibit on horror, science fiction, and fantasy and that is just on the

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4th of July

I have very mixed emotions this year about our country. I’m not going to get into politics but my opinion is very low now of where the U.S. is currently. I think the men who signed the Declaration of Independence

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 It is hot. How about cooling off under a waterfall?  

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