Remember and pray for today’s victims


Like everyone else, I am saddened by the tragedy that occurred in Connecticut today.  Innocent people lost their lives needlessly.  20 children had their lives cut short, before they even had a chance to experience life.  This tragedy is just days after a gunman opened fire in a mall in Oregon.

We will probably never know or understand the full reason why these individuals committed these terrible acts especially since the gunman in both incidents are dead.   Just like we will never understand or know the full reason why the gunman in the Aurora CO Batman movie shooting did what he did.  All three of these gunman were struggling with something, some kind of problem.  How many warning signs did these three men give that people either missed or overlooked?  Could these three tragedies and others like it be prevented if someone paid attention or saw any warning signs?  Maybe, maybe not we will never know.  We have to look out for each other we have to pay attention to each other and help each other out, not just ignore or brush off someone who may be crying for help.

Now the debate has begun again about gun control and changing the gun laws in the US.  That is a wasted debate to me.  You can outlaw semi automatic guns all you want but they will still be available to someone who wants to get one.  Look at Prohibition or the current drug laws.  Cocaine is illegal but people seem to have no problem getting it.  You can ban guns all you want but it will not take guns off the streets or off the black market, just like you have not been able to take drugs off the streets. Passing gun control laws all it will do is allow us to pat ourselves on the back, say good job, and create a false sense of security.

We as a society in the US need to look at ourselves, we need to change ourselves to try to combat these tragedies from continually occurring. We can not keep relying on the government to create laws or to take care of everything for us.  Look around, look at all the noise, the influences that we are hit with, is all of it truly “healthy” for us and society?  NO!! I am not talking about censorship, but we as a society can make a choice to turn away from some of that noise to become involved in things that build up our communities and each other.

Pray for the families in Connecticut and in Oregon who have been hurt by these two tragedies.  Pray for the kids at the school who had to go thru that experience.  They will need help for many years to come.  Reach out to a family member or friend today, one never knows what is down the road.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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