I Am The Albatross


I Am The Albatross (L-R): Jesse Berkowitz, Giuseppe Ponti, Marc Henry. Photo Credit: Danny Borja.


The Austin TX based trio will be releasing their self titled debut EP March 4th.  The first single off the EP is “Strugglin'”.  “The song is an exaggerated expression of the feelings of imprisonment and tension that we all experience in times of financial and emotional insecurity. Everyone at some point in their life may find themselves trapped in a dark, windowless room (figuratively, hopefully), just searching for a crack in the wall where a tiny bit of light might be shining through,” explains band leader, Jesse Berkowitz.

The group best describes the song’s feel. “The song begins as a stumbling, lost soul’s barroom lament before exploding into a blistering barn-burner, with a protagonist who dejectedly sneers at the hopelessness of the apocalyptic times he has found himself in. “Strugglin’”propels itself forward on a high-speed, borderline polka, gypsy groove and eventually bursts into full on punk-rock fury.”

Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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2 comments on “I Am The Albatross
  1. dragonflyzia says:

    What I heard of your show tonight was entertaining. I heard part of the interview before my computer decided to not cooperate. Have a good week!…..Sure now it’s not frozen

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