Need to use the toilet? There is an app for that!

Have we gone to far with the smart phones? Using a smart phone to control your electronics, your alarm system or the thermostat was fine but now there is an app to control a toilet. A Japanese company has created a toilet that one can control via Bluetooth and an Android app. I guess a iOS app is on the way. With the app and toilet one can flush the toilet, lift the seat, listen to music via the toilets speakers, you know for those long moments one has on the throne, it will even set up a “toilet diary” to monitor your visits. To find out more about this amazing toilet and app check out these two articles:

Smartphone-Controlled Toilet Features Remote Lid, Speakers, App

Lixil Satis toilet can be flushed, controlled by smartphone Bluetooth remote.

Now I love technology, and I am glad we have progressed from crapping in the woods, to an outhouse to the modern day commodes, but I think this taking technology a little to far. I don’t really want an app or to even create a toilet diary. I know for some people and some medical conditions this may be important but for me just an average Joe it isn’t. Hey if you are looking for a gift idea for the person who has everything, this might be it.

Image from


Image from Lixil


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6 comments on “Need to use the toilet? There is an app for that!
  1. That is just ridiculous!! But, I will file that away in my Cliff Clavin head because I might someday need that information for a round of trivia! lol

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