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Stuff Dead

The story of my life, day late dollar short. Here it is almost a week after Valentine’s Day and I just found this perfect gift. Zombie Teddy Bears, yes you read that right. Undeadteds is the creation of Phillip Blackman

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Survival Training

  Zombie Boot Camp, how in the hell did I miss this?  Now I definitely  need to plan a trip to England.  There is a company that offers a Zombie Boot Camp  that, according to their website offers: “full combat

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Friday’s Foto Fun-Freaky

Once again in keeping with the Halloween spirit my submission for this weeks Foto Fun is a little off beat if not disturbing. To learn more about Friday’s Foto Fun visit Please check my entries in other photo challenges

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Do you have the right vehicle for the Apocalypse? did an article on the top 10 cars for the Apocalypse if you believe the world will end December 21 as some claim the Mayans have predicted.  The article takes a tongue in cheek approach to which vehicles

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