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Well time to get back to reality, after four nights enjoying the beach it was time to go home and head to the mountains. Today I did a short 2 mile hike up Mt Cutler.  At the top one is

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One more time 

Tonight is my final night in San Diego. I have been lucky enough to see four wonderful sunsets this week.       I love the water, I love the ocean, and I love watching the sunset each night.  I envy

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I wanna

This was outside my window this morning. I wanted to be in that balloon today. Sailing off to who knows where.     I also “wanna rock and roll all night and party every day” but that is a different story 

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Does it get any better? 

This is one of the things I love about Colorado Springs. The sunrise and the clouds coming over the mountains.  

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At 37,000+ feet the world looks peaceful. No religious wars, no killings over cartoons, no protests against police officers. Just clouds and mountains. A tranquility that is sadly missing in the world today. I end my show each week by

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Share Your World 2013 Week 7

Your favorite place within two hours of your home? Any where in the mountains.  It is so pretty with great views.  I really enjoy going off roading to see areas that one can’t see from the pavement.  Denver would be

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A Day with Mother Nature

I made my first trip up Pike’s Peak yesterday as a Colorado resident. My prior trips have all been while I was vacationing in Colorado. This trip was also my first trip driving up to the top. The previous trips

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