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At 37,000+ feet the world looks peaceful. No religious wars, no killings over cartoons, no protests against police officers. Just clouds and mountains. A tranquility that is sadly missing in the world today. I end my show each week by

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The end is upon me

Son: Your high graduation is less than 24 hours away.  I never thought this day would arrive.  Some 15 years ago when I dropped you off at preschool this day seemed so far away to me, now it is staring

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Roll the Dice

I’m listening to a song form an artist I’m going to feature in a few weeks on Front Range Radio, and the main character in the song, his life is basically determined by the roll of a dice by someone

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Road Closed

  How many times has the road I wanted to take been blocked? How many times have I had to make a detour? I know I was never promised the road would be easy or direct, but every once in

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All I need to know about life I learned from Santa

From Encourage people to believe in you Always remember who is naughty and who is nice Don’t pout It’s as much fun to give as it is to receive Some days it’s ok to feel a little chubby Make

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Daily Prompt-Write your obituary

Frontrangescribbles is gone but forgotten will he be? A father of two but hopefully a friend for you and me. He had a certain charm and style, That had us laughing for miles. He loved the Cardinals, Blues, and the

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Know when to hold them, know when to fold them

The dealer is my creator. The other players, society. Each hand represents opportunities in my life. The chips are my life. With each hand I have a choice, to fold and sit on the sidelines and watch, or stay in.

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Journey Together

You have only one life to live, is yours going well Sit down my friend lets talk for a spell, This journey we call life has many ups and downs It will provide you with many smiles, laughs, tears, and

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Life Guidebook

Be an individual, take risks Be spontaneous and imaginative See the world through the eyes of a child Have integrity in everything you do Make a real difference Have an open mind and heart We all make mistakes, what matters

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Weekly Photo Challenge-Everyday Life

Everyday, we rush back and forth to work, jobs, school, the store, running kids to their activities, rarely slowing down to see what is around us or to enjoy the moment at hand. Everyday, someone is out taking the rocky

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