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More Thank You’s

I have more “thank you’s” that I need to pass out.  A BIG thank you to Petite Magique for the Dragon Loyalty Award.  She amazes me, not only for giving me the award but she has such great poetry and

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WordPress Family Award

I have been nominated by two people on the same day for the WordPress Family Award. I thank from the bottom of my heart both Kira of Wrestling Life and Petite Magique. Both of these individuals have great blogs with

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Thank you notes

As my mother taught me many years ago, when given a gift it is polite to send a thank you note, well I must send my thank you notes to a couple of people for nominating this site for a

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Tag I’m it I guess

I was “tagged” several days ago by My Spoken Heart. It is a form of virtual tag like the games played when I was young. How it works, at least as it was presented to me, is as follows: 1.

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Golden Toilet Award-2012

JulesPaige had a great idea from a comment she made on my post “I will miss you, NOT!” She suggested of creating an award show called “The Johnny” for all of the stuff we would like to “flush”.  I have

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Late Assignment and an Apology

My sincere apologies to lovelivingincolorado , back on September 2nd, they nominated this little site of mine for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Going back through my notes I realized I have not given this person the proper thanks. I

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