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No Show, Oh No

There will be no-show this Sunday June 16th on Front Range Radio.  Hopefully Wednesday I can reveal the reason and the exciting news, at least for me, about the show and where is will be landing.  I will post the

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Request for Information

If you have read many of my past posts, I have mentioned I was a DJ during college for the college radio station and for a short period after college.  I have so wanted to get back into radio for

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Let’s play

Do you ever just want to act crazy, stand on your head, let your hair down? When did life become so serious, so politically correct? When did we stop letting ourselves have fun? Every one is arguing, so rigid in

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Daily Prompt: No, Thanks

Is there a place in the world you never want to visit? Where, and why not? In the US the only place that I do not want to visit is Detroit, sorry Motown, but you are bankrupt. A large part

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Soon, very soon

Just a few more hours and all the hoopla with Valentines Day will be over and we can go back to more pressing issues like Lady Gaga canceling her tour. What will all her little monsters do now?

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Ice, Ice, Baby

Sorry if you thought this post would be an ode to Vanilla Ice, it’s not.  It’s about the Cripple Creek CO Ice Festival going on this past weekend and this coming weekend. Cripple Creek is an old gold mining town

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Penny, nickel or maybe dime for your thoughts

Every so often the issue of should the US Treasury continue producing the penny. The argument goes that it costs more than one cent to make the penny. Mad Magazine looked at the unintended consequences that may occur with the

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Do you want to place a bet on the coin toss?

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us in the United States, one of the most watch shows in television every year.  Last year’s Super Bowl, an estimated 110+ million people watched the game and of course the commercials.  Each year Vegas

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January Golden Toilet Award Winner

The Golden Toilet Award is my award to individuals I am tired of hearing about. It is awarded to those I would like to flush away. The person I was tired of hearing about this month is Beyonce. Between the

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Sunday Post-Focused Attention

Jake’s theme this week is Focused Attention The focused attention of my dog as she watches me eat popcorn, just waiting for me to drop a kernel. Or her just watching me to see what I am up to Please

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