Is it really over?

The holidays have ended, the decorations are back in their boxes.  Part of me is sad.  I enjoy the decorations, I enjoy the lights, I even enjoy some of the Christmas music.  The retailers are in a big rush to get the decorations out in September and they are on that same rush to take everything down, usually starting the 26th.  I know they just want my money (ha I didn’t have much so sorry retailers)

Now the dark and dreary days of winter are really upon us.  Think about it, what between now and Spring is there really to look forward to?  Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day?  They are not paid holidays/days off for me.  Groundhog Day, I could care less what some furry animal in PA has to say, and I didn’t like the movie either.  I’m not in school anymore so I don’t get a spring break, unless I take a week of vacation time.  I always hated this time of the year.  I will start my countdown to spring.  According to my calculations, only 78 days to go.  I could be off a day or two.


I hope your New Year has started off on a good note.  Thanks for reading my rant.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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6 comments on “Is it really over?
  1. dragonflyzia says:

    I will count down with you! I agree though…the hibernation months are always the hardest.

  2. Kirsten says:

    It was a good rant! I don’t suppose you want to hear how it will be 84 tomorrow here in FL?!? 🙂 I know I would be feeling just like you if I was up in the snow!

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