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Second Player Score is a three piece band out of Vancouver WA.  The group got its name from the “Bonestorm” episode of The Simpson.  Members of the band are: Kyle Gilbert (drums/vocals), Daniel Downs (bass/vocals), and Brian Tashima (guitar/vocals).  The group released their debut album Fortress Storm Attack this year.

From the groups bio:

“Brian Tashima, is a firm believer in the value of second chances.

“The first time you do something – your first band, first kiss, whatever – it’s cool, because it’s fresh, new, exciting,” Tashima says. “But the next time around, you’ve learned from your mistakes, you’re more experienced. And it sort of validates you, because now you can say that you’ve done it again — it wasn’t a one-off kind of thing.”

The members of Second Player Score know a few things about second chances. For all three of them, the Portland area is their second home – drummer Kyle Gilbert grew up in California, while Tashima and bassist Daniel Downs were both born and raised in Hawaii — and each of them were coming off of what they considered to be their first serious musical projects.

“We were all in bands that had released albums, played a lot of shows, the whole nine yards,” Tashima explains. “For various different reasons, none of them worked out and we all ended up migrating to the Pacific Northwest.”

Finding each other through musician-wanted ads and word of mouth, the three quickly discovered that they shared a fondness for hard rock, geek culture, and craft beer. After taking their name from a line in an episode of “The Simpsons,” they set about developing a collective sound that eventually grew to resemble bands like Weezer, Husker Du, Green Day, and Bad Religion.”

ReverbNation page: http://www.reverbnation/secondplayerscore


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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2 comments on “Second Player Score
  1. dragonflyzia says:

    Good show tonight! I was working on a wreath and the girl was staring at her Ipod when we heard the zombie Christmas song. I think we looked up at the same time “did she just say tackle?” It was quite the funny moment! Have a Merry Christmas. 🙂

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