Anyone’s Guess

Anyone's Guess

Anyone’s Guess is a three-piece, female fronted rock band from Florida. The band consists of Clint Chambers (guitar), Matthew McCormick (drums) and Sanja Jovanovic (vocals/bass). Since forming in late 2006 and going through several member changes, the group has released three albums to date starting with Point Counterpoint in 2008 followed by Cost of Silence in 2010 and March in the Dark: Chapter I this year. The group expects to release March in the Dark Chapter II in early 2015.

The group describes March in the Dark as “a record broken into two chapters (EPs), openly covering the major life-changing events that took place in the band members’ lives for the past two years. From battles with alcohol abuse, self-doubt, guilt, regret and fear, tastefully tucked into the song ‘Run,’ to rising up above a pride-crushing event described in Hunter”

One of the songs off the upcoming EP is a cover of the Alicia Keys song “Unthinkable”

I will also air “Unthinkable” on Front Range Radio Sunday November 16th. The show can be heard at 9pm eastern on


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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