The Angeles Project

The Angeles Project is a side project of California singer-songwriter Mimi R., most recently in collaboration with producer Andrew Brassell. The pair met in LA in late 2013. The two recorded and released “Your Name In Lights” in March 2014, a scone single “New Heart” was released in April, with a EP in development.



Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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7 comments on “The Angeles Project
  1. dragonflyzia says:

    Good show on Sunday….I just listened to it. Stick it to the man was a cute opening, the music was great to paint to. Have a great week!

  2. dragonflyzia says:

    Were you missing from your show last night, or was something wrong with the podcast? I listened tonight, it’s very confusing.

    • For some reason my microphone was not working and I was not made aware of it until after the show. I am pretty upset and embarrassed about the whole thing.

      • dragonflyzia says:

        Well things happen, the music was good so that still counts right? Have a good week!

      • Yes it does but I feel bad for the artist because they are kind enough to give me their music to air and then no one knows the name of the song or who the artist was. Hope you have a great week and thanks as always for listening.

  3. dragonflyzia says:

    Good show tonight….I could hear you this week. 🙂 My favorite song of this show was American Beauties, Miles From Nowhere. Have a great week!!

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