Justin Cross

Justin Cross - Press Shot #2


Charlotte North Carolina singer songwriter, Justin Cross will be releasing his EP Let Me In on April 18th.

He was brought up with fundamentalist upbringing in Massachusetts that built-in him a personal desire to reach outside himself for something bigger. Thirteen years ago he was told that his own music would interfere with this intent. With his unique voice muzzled, he travelled the world as the vessel for a mission that was never really his. Preaching, studying, listening, and wondering led to Justin begin to question who he really was. In 2012, he found that he couldn’t fulfill the duties that were asked of him and that oaths were about to be broken. Losing everything he loved in the world, he wandered alone looking for his own personal truths

He returned to a medium that allowed to him to channel the purest sincerity in his self – the guitar. After all these years, his natural talent burst forth a massive display of sonic ecstasy that had been waiting over a decade to see the light of day. He began to heal through his music and was reminded what his spirit already knew, music is prayer. He says, “Rather than sit around and pout, rock out. Whatever happened in the past, get off your ass.”He decided that even just one song from his sincerity carried more power than anything else and wasting time as a middle-man was not what he was here for.

You can hear a couple of songs from Justin Cross on Front Range Radio this Sunday, the show can be heard live at 9pm eastern on http://www.party934.com.  To learn more about Justin, visit his website at http://www.justincross.com

Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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2 comments on “Justin Cross
  1. Ahh, I love this kind of music and the whistle between the sound was nice.

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