Dentist and Musician-Mark Lassiter


Is your dentist a musician?  Has your dentist worked alongside the Foo Fighters, Collective Soul, and Blind Melon? Is you dentist known as the “dentist to the rock stars”  If Mark Lassiter is your dentist then you can answer yes.

“Music is a great jumping off point for conversation with patients. It builds trust and eliminates anxiety through establishing a human connection,” the North Carolina-based dentist/artist says. “The common thread between my practice and my music is healing.”

Mark’s latest project is the EP Endlessly it is as he describes it a mini narrative “of healing created from 2 years that spanned heartbreak to discovering new love”

Mark was kind enough to do an interview via email with me about the new EP and his career.

Front Range Scribbles (FRS): How long have you been playing and what was your first instrument?

Mark Lassiter (ML): I grew up around a piano but I didn’t play an instrument until I was 33 years old. I bought my first guitar in 2000 and learned “Polly” by Nirvana

FRS: Who are your main musical influences?

ML: My main musical inspiration is Phil Collins. I love balladeers like him, Steve Winwood, Paul Young. As far as bands, I love Nirvana, Collective Soul, Foo Fighters, The Wallflowers.

FRS: What’s the song you’re most proud of writing?

ML: I would say, “Leave the Darkness” because it was my first and went on my first two records. It is about my philosophy for life.

FRS: What was the last time music was really, really exciting for you?

ML: I wrote a song for my sweetheart called “You’re My Favorite” last year. It came out great and really came from my heart. The fact that she loves it just makes it icing on the cake.

FRS: You discovered your musical talent after dental school and have said that you found solace in writing and recording your songs.  How did music get you through rough times?

ML: I remember when my wife was near death in the hospital and I heard the song, “World I Know” by Collective Soul. It made me realize that a song can fundamentally, irreversibly change me. It wasn’t until years later that I realized I could do that. I could create something that could maybe help someone or touch them on that level. The process of playing guitar and singing a melody has a soul soothing effect on me.

FRS: How do your peers react when they discover your background is first in the dental field?

ML: I think everyone is intrigued especially when they hear the recorded music. I think from that point they realize I am serious about both endeavors.

FRS: What do you hope the listener takes away from listening to Endlessly?

ML: Endlessly is a snapshot of a part of my life from 2011 through 2013. I went though a divorce and found new love. That was the music that came out of it. I wanted it to be an EP because I was finished saying what I had to say musically. I want the listener to hear the hope that is in each song.

FRS: What is up next for Mark Lassiter?

ML: I am working on a new record with producer Larry Marciano called “Smile.” In the dental field I am planning on expanding and managing several practices in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.

You can learn more about Mark by visiting his website  I will feature a couple of tracks from the EP Endlessly this Sunday on Front Range Radio which can be heard at 9pm eastern on


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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One comment on “Dentist and Musician-Mark Lassiter
  1. says:

    I dread going to the dentist, if the dentist can sing and play a nice song, I may change my mind!

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