At the 426-New Chaser Eight EP

At the 426 - front cover

Chaser Eight the group out of North Haven Connecticut, has released a new EP October 1st, the second release this year.  The new EP At the 426 “is an homage to their home/recording studio/band clubhouse. They have their own recording studio and practice facility in their basement, and the entire EP was mixed, mastered, recorded, and produced at 426 Studios. The imagery of the EP’s covers pays tribute to the location (including the reflection in the porch lantern), and embodies the goal they set out when putting this EP together: honest, down-to-earth music with hard-hitting lyrics. “We really wanted to extend the sensuality of our last EP, Up and Up, with deeper, meaningful tunes to continue taking listeners on our musical and emotional journey,” says vocalist/songwriter *AUDRA*. This EP is a series of dichotomies, those best shown by the evolution of the four new original songs showcased on At the 426. Opening with “Never Enough,” the band helps every scorned lover finally get over their relationship. Following up with “One Love”, the band helps the same scorned lover know there’s hope for them. “Heart to Heart” accepts that we all have differences, but can we make them work? And “Run, Run” leaves no doubt.”

This is one group I am really high on right now.  I have written about them I think three times now, featured their music several times on Front Range Radio.  There is something about the two EPs that really grabs me.  *Audra*’s vocals I enjoy, the guitars and drums, just good old rock and roll to me. Take the song “One Love” off the new EP it starts out with just a guitar and *Adura*’s vocals then the drums kick in with a nice steady beat.  “Never Enough”  a song Pat Walsh said he is most proud of, starts off with 80’s type electronics and it works.  “Heart to Heart” starts off almost like a Bob Seger song.  Chris Grillo makes an appearance with the group on the song singing lead vocals for the first verse before being joined by *Audra* on the refrain.  The song is one of my favorites off the EP.

This is a group that I would like to see in concert, I imagine their shows would be just great music, and being a good time.  If you don’t have these two EP’s in your collection or on your iPod, you are missing out on some good music.

*Audra* and Pat where kind enough this week to record an interview which I will air tonight on Front Range Radio along with several tracks off the new EP. You can learn more about the group by going to their website  they even have an app you can download for your smart phone.

Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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