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Blue Eyed Sun Album Cover

Tidal Sound is the debut release from the trio Blue Eyed Soul.  Listening to the CD one would never know these three talented teenaged guys came together in 2012 to form the band, and go on to write, produce and perform 90% of the instruments on the CD.  Blue Eyed Sun is Brennan Leeds executive producer, producer, writer, lead singer on half the material, backing vocals, guitar, mandolin, choral arrangements; Kenneth Fox producer, writer, lead singer on the other half of the songs (Kenneth has the really high tenor voice), piano, guitar, mandolin, trombone, choral arrangements, backing vocals; and Casey Batterbee drums, all percussion, participates in arrangements. The three come from different cities and backgrounds, but they met at Interlochen Arts Academy outside Traverse City, Michigan in 2012.

The guys produced Tidal Sound themselves. Using the stark Michigan winter as fuel, the three virtually lived on weekends at Halohorn studios during January of 2013 recording, producing, arranging, and playing nearly all the instruments and directing choral segments for Tidal Sound with recording engineer Andy Van Guilder (Rachel Brooke). The album was later mixed at Blackbird Pro Studios in Nashville, Tennessee by two-time Grammy award-winning engineer David Hall (Frank Sinatra, Quincy Jones, Kenny Chesney, Lee Ann Rimes) and mastered by industry legend Benny Quinn (Lady Antebellum, Merle Haggard, Marshall Tucker Band, Chris LeDoux).

“While we were recording, we had to sleep in the studio because it would be too logistically complicated to go back to campus,” Kenneth recalls. “I remember we lied there on these dinky old beds, and stared into the darkness and talked about the future, and how awesome it would be if we could keep playing, and we could keep doing what we loved.”

BLue Eyed Soul

Brennan from the group was kind enough to do an interview via email with me about the group and the new CD

FRS: What was the hardest part about doing your CD?
Brennan: Just the situation we were in…at a private boarding school in NW Michigan in the dead of winter with no transportation.  We had so many people help us in the music community in Traverse City.  Producing it ourselves was very difficult.  We felt way unqualified but we really had no other choice.  Time constraint was an issue, studio availability, plus our engineer was about to go on tour as a drummer so we had really four weekends to get everything done.

FRS: What did you learn in doing your first CD?
Brennan: Be patient and don’t rush it next time.  Always hire a producer if you can.  However, if we don’t use the window we had some of this material never gets heard and that would have been a shame.


FRS: Has your age created problems in getting accepted and taken seriously in the music world?
Brennan: Age has definitely been an issue.  How do we package these kids? How do we sell this? Their music sounds mature but they aren’t.  Even all our classmates that were our age thought we were crazy for trying to do this record.


FRS: Any upcoming tours?
Brennan: Right now we are on hiatus for college and post grad work so we don’t have another tour scheduled yet.


FRS: What could one expect if they were to see your show for the first time?
Brennan: Seeing our show for the first time someone would have a lot of fun and really feel a compulsion to move with the beat and dance.


FRS: Who are your main musical influences?
Brennan: Main influences are Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Coldplay, all the new folk revival types Mumford, Fleet Foxes, plus I’m really into Foxygen…Love them.


FRS: Who do people say you sound like?
Brennan: I’ve heard Ben Folds, mix of Fleet Foxes with other pop types.


FRS: What’s the song you’re most proud of writing?
Brennan: I’m really proud of the way Tidal Sound, the title track turned out.  I think it’s among the two or three best tunes I’ve ever written.


FRS: What was the last time music was really, really exciting for you?
Brennan: Today.  This interview is exciting.  Any time I get to share music with other people its exciting.  Every day at Berklee is like a dream jam.  One of my classes is “The music of John Lennon”…can you imagine?  Its one magical collaboration every day.


You can hear the song Brennan is most proud of writing, the title track to the CD Tidal Sound, Sunday on Front Range Radio.  To learn more about the group check out their website  Below is a video for the “Rocco’s Song” also off the Tidal Sound CD

Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Nice song.

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