Stone Diamond

The group Stone Diamond made up of Cy on bass and vocals, Josh on guitar and vocals, and The Tongue on drums. These three have spent 20 years going thru the ups and downs of classic rock. The group has released the CD We Stole the Stars From the Black Night.

I had the opportunity to do an interview via email with Cy, about the CD.

Who are your main musical influences?
The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, The Beatles

What’s the song you’re most proud of writing?
Love Stays

What was the last time music was really, really exciting for you?
Everytime we meet each other in the rehearsal room or on stage the magic of music is coming over us. If any guest musician is showing up it’s even more exciting. We love to play sessions whenever we can and even after all these years something special is in the air when a few people share one vibe.

What’s the most personal song you’ve ever written and what was it based on?
The song was called “Shining Star” and was dedicated to my grandpa who where a writer, fighting his whole life for the rights of the people in persia. We didn’t see us very often but the few times and the letters he wrote sustain until today.

The album was recorded on livetracks, how do you feel this has enhanced the album?
we were rehearsing and developing the music like a life band. As we found the right feeling for each song, we recorded it live and took that as a basis for the studio recording session which helped a lot to keep the energy in a studio environment.

What were some of the difficulties in using this method?
We had some problems with the Metronome. It seems as if the drum computer in the rehearsal room couldn’t be fit to the click track in the recording program! So at the end, we played without and that was OK. Next time we will check that first ;-)) Also it’s hard to change the arrangement afterwards, so you must be very sure about it or better have a perfect “new” metronome 😉

You guys have had many ups and downs over the last 20 years, what has kept you going?
The passion and the addiction to music. Times are changing permanently but the music or the vibes that reaches people stay the same. Most of all you do music for yourself. Of course it’s hard to lose a record deal, break up with players or whatever but once you got that desire to play it will go on forever…

What did you learn in making the album?
The internet age is great for musicians . The world seems to be smaller then ever. you can work 24h with different people in different countries. Using Dropbox you can send your work everywhere working with everybody. We were recording in Europe, Mixing in L.A. and Mastering in New York and it felt like home.

What do you hope someone takes away from listening to the new album?
Everybody should have a good time by hearing our self-made and handmade music. It’s an indie record with a major record sound and people should know that it’s possible to do so without a major company in the back. You just need a clear idea of your sound and some guys you love to play with. We hope this feeling swings over to the listeners and the longing to hear the record over and over again ;-))

I will feature a couple tracks from the CD this Sunday on Front Range Radio.


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