David Ramirez- Bad Days

Every once awhile a song comes along that really captures the musicians life on the road. Think Bob Seger’s “Turn The Page” or Jackson Browne’s “The Load Out/Stay”.  I found this song from David Ramirez “Bad Days” now most of the times I prefer to listen to a song first before watching the video, well this time for some reason I went straight to the video.  I was moved.  The video does such a great job, in my opinion, of capturing the song.  Watching the video I felt sorry for David and the life on the road as a musician.  I think the video does a good job of capturing the loneliness on the road, the in and out of hotels, yet having to be up for every show.  Seeing this video, I can’t help but appreciate even more the work these musicians do.  The song itself is a great song  you can find it on his Rooster EP.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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3 comments on “David Ramirez- Bad Days
  1. Beautiful MV. I think. I’m not sure but I think I caught a glimpse of sadness in his eyes and it emphasized the tone of MV and a song.
    Thank you.

  2. dragonflyzia says:

    Good show tonight. Is it going to be a 2hr show from now on? I must have missed that memo, I thought it was just for the holiday? Regardless, I enjoyed the show tonight….Zia

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