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Love Song


Universal You, the duo based in Scotland, has released a four song EP MMXIII-I.  The EP has two interesting cover songs.  The first being a cover of the Simple Minds song from 1981 “Love Song” the second cover song is of Bon Jovi’s “Keep the Faith”.  The other two songs on the EP are original songs  “Coming Back for More” and “I Love You Baby”.  

“Love Song’ is the track that is getting the most attention, it is a high energy dance track but I was impressed just as much with “Keep the Faith”.  I admit I really like the Bon Jovi version so I was skeptical about Universal You’s version and it did take me a couple of listens to really appreciate what Universal You did with the song.  Yes the song is more synthesizer than in the Bon Jovi version but Gulzhan, or gi as the singer is more easily known as, vocals is almost haunting.  The other two songs on the EP probably won’t get much attention which is a shame because “Coming Back for More” is a good song.

I could not find any tour information on the group’s website (hey how about a stop in CO if you do tour?) but you can learn more about the group by going to http://www.universalyou.co.uk  I will air “Love Song’ this Sunday on Front Range Radio.  




Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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7 comments on “Universal You
  1. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    Wow that art work is great!

  2. dragonflyzia says:

    It was different…..

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