Steve Schultz-Over The Edge


Singer songwriter Steve Schultz from Poughkeepsie New York latest CD Over The Edge was released in June, it is the follow-up to his debut CD A Thin Line that was released in 2007.

The first thing that caught me was the simplicity of the song “Shadow”. It is just Steve and the piano, and it reminded me so much of Billy Joel. The song itself is a “what could have been” love song.

“Well, it’s amazing how the time has passed
Between us nothing seems to change
You live your life and I live mine
That’s what we became”

The track “A Kind of Faith” is an uptempo song, again featuring Steve on the piano, but a sax is added for good flavor. A little reminiscent of a Bruce Springsteen song.

“Eldridge Ave” another uptempo song about “chasing ones dreams in the face of the painful realities of growing up. That’s sort of a metaphor for the life of a musician,” Steve says. “You see friends around you getting real jobs, buying houses, and having kids. They’re waiting for you on this mythical avenue, but you’re just trying to find your way with your career goals.”

Original Sin a rockin song with some great lyrics:

“She came up on me like a roller coaster
Twisting, turning, upside down then I drop
She must’ve thought I was a real high roller
But that’s OK, I’ll just pretend what I’m not

She’s got it all; legs to the floor
And if I wanted more, you know she’d give it to me
She’s got the eyes that make you realize
You better get in line ’cause she’s got something to see”

“Hands of Angels” another slow ballad with Steve on piano as the main focus with violins accompanying him. A song with reassuring words from a parent to a child.

“So, I can’t tell you the days ahead are always gonna shine
But if I have to I’m always gonna be one step behind

There may be times you won’t always believe me
But words like these they’d never break so easy
And I, I won’t let go”

On the CD as a bonus track, Steve does a wonderful cover version of Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” with a video Steve made, showing various sites around New York.

I enjoyed very much the tracks I have heard from the CD and the cover of “New York State of Mind”. In listening to the songs one can’t help but make the comparisons to Billy Joel, Elton John, or Bruce Springsteen, but I think Steve does a good job of making his own path. The best way to describe the CD, it is one I would put on during a lazy relaxing Sunday afternoon.

You can learn more about Steve Schultz by visiting his website I will feature some tracks off the CD this Sunday on Front Range Radio.

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3 comments on “Steve Schultz-Over The Edge
  1. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    What a soulful song! Love it!

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