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Listen till your ears bleed

Do you want to see over 300 acts with a majority of them from Colorado? Do you want to spend four days listening to these acts at over 20 different venues? Then head to Denver for the 13th edition of

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Chaser Eight

The group out of North Haven Connecticut released their EP “Up and Up” last month, I have been listening to a couple of tracks off the CD, and I have been enjoying what I have heard.  Vocalist/songwriter *AUDRA* and guitarist/songwriter

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A Letter to You

I want to thank all who have read my posts, clicked on the “like” button, wrote a comment, or even clicked on the “follow” button.  You don’t know how much I appreciate each and everyone who has done those things

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The band Churchill is breaking up?

It sucks to discover a band only to find out they are breaking up or calling it quits.  That is the case according to reports from Reverb about the group Churchill from Denver Colorado.  I just heard their material a little

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David Wax Museum

I heard this group recently and came away impressed with the different sound they create.  The group is David Wax and Suz Slezak and multi-insturmentalist Greg Glassman.  Their music, as they describe on their website,  “fuse traditional Mexican folk with

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What I did on my summer vacation!

Ok I don’t have a summer vacation like when I was in school. I, like most people, have to take a week off from work.  You know use up vacation time. This week was that week, my original plans fell

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Without fans what do you have?

I read this excellent post which you can find here that talks about one persons unforgettable experiences as a fan. Artist whether they are musicians, actors, writers, or painters need the support of their fans.  The fans purchase the CD,

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Streetlevel Uprising-Dusk to Dawn Revolution

Despite being from the home of the Kansas Jayhawks, Lawrence Kansas, I have been enjoying the music of Streetlevel Uprising and songs from the CD “Dusk to Dawn Revolution. Jay Canter is the “spiritual lightning bolt” behind the folk-reggage band.

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Travel Theme: Motion

There is plenty of motion at a football game, from the pre-game ceremonies to the actual game itself. These were taken last September at an Air Force Academy Game To see more visit Where’s My BackPack’s site

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Mary Fletcher, another star coming out of West Texas

In continuing my spotlight on artists from West Teas, last week it was the Prairie Scholars, this week Mary Fletcher.  Mary just released her third CD entitled “Give My Love To You”, I will feature several songs off the CD

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