Lindsey Saunders-Nothing Normal


Lindsey, out of the Boulder CO area, released her five song EP “Nothing Normal” last fall.  It is a refreshing compilation of songs, that doesn’t rely on a lot of special effects.  My favorite song off the EP was “Take Me Out”.  The song starts out with just Lindsey’s vocals and a simple guitar, the drums don’t kick in until almost the one minute mark and you know what, it works.

“Make or Break Us”, is another song simple in the use of instruments.  Lindsey proves you don’t need electronics, keyboards, and synthesizers to make a good song.

Lindsey started writing and performing her own music when she was 12.  released “Nothing Normal” when she was 18.  She will be performing in LA and Chicago during the month of August.  You can get exact dates and locations on her website at  “Nothing Normal” is one EP worth checking out.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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One comment on “Lindsey Saunders-Nothing Normal
  1. I love her bluesy voice and style… 🙂

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