Cow Girl Bling

Soles of Passion

I will admit the title “Cow Girl Bling” by the duo Soles of Passion caught my attention.  Once I saw the title, I had to hear the song.  I was surprised, the song was pretty good.  The lyrics are a little humorous, the music itself was good.  If you are a country fan, you may enjoy the fiddle throughout the song.  The video is just as enjoyable as the song. The choreographer for the video was Jason Myrhe who has worked with Rihanna and Janet Jackson.

Soles of Passion is made up of Myla Snow and Steven Wolfe.  They are an alternative country duo out of Denver.  Their most recent CD “Bump Me Up” was released earlier this year and is available on all the usual sites.

Part of the group’s mission as they state on their website is “The Soles of Passion are committed to writing and performing both country music about America and political rock songs.  Real songs that promote love and personal growth”  If you visit the groups website you will see they are a very involved group in helping those who are dealing with home foreclosure.  It is good to see artists who back up what they write and sing about.

Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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7 comments on “Cow Girl Bling
  1. Oh my. I am a huge country fan, including all genres of country, but I didn’t even make it one minute into this song. Is it too harsh to say my ears were bleeding??

  2. dragonflyzia says:

    Not a fan….the brief violin was the only shining moment. Not meant to be harsh, I just don’t get the appeal. My daughter feels I am being mean and I shouldn’t say that, I am just being honest…sorry?

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