No Shoes Nation Tour

Last night I had the pleasure of seeing the Kenny Chesney concert in Denver as part of his No Shoes Nation Tour. Eric Church, The Eli Young Band and Kacey Musgraves were also on the bill. I feel sorry for Kacey, she was the first to perform. The Sports Authority Field at Mile HIgh was nowhere near full when she took the stage. The crowd that had arrived, you know are there for Eric Church and Kenny Chesney. It is a tough thing to do. She did a good 30 minute show playing songs off her “Same Trailer, Different Park” CD, one of which “Merry Go Around” has received decent airplay on country stations. The Eli Young Band followed Kacey, and once again the crowd was still filing in from the afternoon of tailgating. Eli had an energetic 45 minute show. I really don’t know much about them and there was only one song of theirs that I recognized.

The stars of the night were Eric Church and Kenny Chesney both in billing and in performance. The crowd was there to see these two country stars. Eric talked several times during his show about his past stop in Denver and performing at Red Rocks, which if you have not been to, you really should make a trip to see a concert there. It is like no other venue. It is a venue that I think sticks out in the performers mind as much as the audience.

Kenny was a non-stop 23 song set including a one song encore. The best way a performer can bring the house down is to bring out a local sports team star and Kenny did that with the appearance of Denver Bronco’s quarterback Peyton Manning at the end of Kenny’s song “The Boys of Fall”. The crowd went nuts when Manning took those first steps on the stag. Peyton signed a Bronco’s helmet and he and Kenny gave it to a young fan in the crowd. It was also good that Kenny’s show, as well as the other three, was more about music than about dance moves and special effects. Yes Kenny and Eric both had somewhat of a light show, but their show was about music. They were not out there doing choreographed dance moves with a bunch of dancers. Guitars, drums, fiddles, and vocals that what all four shows were about.

Things I learned at the concert:

People can’t stay at their seats. I mean really how many times do you need to leave your seats to get beers, food, use the bathroom , or wherever you are going. I got more exercise getting up and down for these people then I did walking to my car.

To much alcohol will cause fights and helps people act stupid. Now I have known this long before the concert, but my youngest son got the experience of seeing this first hand as several fights broke out, one just a few rows behind us and one guy was so drunk he kept falling over the row of seats in front of him. Luckily he never got hurt or was to drunk to realize he may be hurt.

It is always interesting to see how many times the performer can work the name of the city they are at in the show and how the crowd just eats it up. I mean really we all know they tell every city they love going to that city etc etc

Overall a great concert and I am glad I was able to see it.


If you look real hard, you can see Eric Church


Stag for Kenny Chesney


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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11 comments on “No Shoes Nation Tour
  1. Rick says:

    Chesney is from East Tennessee and is a huge Univ. of Tennessee fan. Of course, that’s where Peyton played in college. I bet Peyton has been on stage with Chesney more times than anyone.

  2. goat says:

    what’s with the whole skull and crossbones theme?

  3. Trisha says:

    I haven’t been to a concert since Soundgarden in the early 90’s. I’d forgotten about the drunken stupidity that always shows up at events like that!

  4. dragonflyzia says:

    Good show tonight!

  5. Leslie Stockton says:

    lucky guys to meet him… love your posts 🙂 thank u

  6. I wanted to go to this concert when it hit K.C. I wasn’t really interested in Kenny Chesney, but wanted to see all the others!

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