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The group out of North Haven Connecticut released their EP “Up and Up” last month, I have been listening to a couple of tracks off the CD, and I have been enjoying what I have heard.  Vocalist/songwriter *AUDRA* and guitarist/songwriter Pat Walsh have known each other since they were 10 years old.  Bassist Billy Wang has known the two since they were 13 years old, so three of  the members of the group have a lot of familiarity with each other. Drummer Pete Giannini and keyboardist/guitarist Aaron Tagliamonte round out the rest of the group.

The CD starts off with the track “Take Me Higher”  featuring Leah Shipchack, who also appears on a later track “Without Love”.  Pat says the song “Take Me Higher” “that’s a love song about finding someone and being swept away-it conjures up the escapist feeling” .

The second song from the CD is “Addict”. *AUDRA* says about the song “You can’t compete with the love a drug addict has for drugs—the addiction always wins. So what I’m saying here is: ‘You’re an addict and I’m an addict because I can’t leave you”  This is expressed in the lyrics:

“Just give me one more day and one more hit of hope

Then I will finally be set free

Don’t you understand it’s just so hard to cope?

Without life’s little key

I don’t know what I’m doing here”

As the group says on their website  “The results of Chaser Eight’s creative journey are complimentary writing styles that woven together form a unique sonic tapestry. *AUDRA* pens darkly cathartic tunes exploring heartbreak, and Pat compliments her style with transcendent and uplifting pop-rock. Though Chaser Eight’s songwriting is the work of two people, the band’s sonic identity is the result of five sympathetic musical souls in creative synchronicity.”

The EP is available from iTunes, I will be featuring a couple of songs off the Up and Up” EP this Sunday on Front Range Radio. The group is currently working on songs for another EP to be released in September of this year. You can learn more about the group by visiting their website, you can check them out live on July 27, 2013 in Bridgeport CT.


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  1. The Hook says:

    Rock on, my friend!

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