A Letter to You

I want to thank all who have read my posts, clicked on the “like” button, wrote a comment, or even clicked on the “follow” button.  You don’t know how much I appreciate each and everyone who has done those things and more.  When I started this blog a year ago this month, I went against everything I had read online, in a book or articles about blogging.  they all said one should have a theme for a blog, well I never did.  I just wrote about whatever was in my head that particular day, I posted photos for various challenges, I tried my hand at poetry, or I tried to be funny, some times I was successful some times I was not.  I feel the blog has grown over the year and as I reach the one year mark I have been thinking about what direction I want to move this blog.

You may have noticed over the last several days I have done more posts about music and musicians, that was not by accident.  I have decided I want to tie this blog and Front Range Radio together more.  I want to use this blog to write about the various musicians and their songs that I play on Front Range Radio. I have several goals, or maybe dreams is the better word, for both the radio show and this blog and where I want to move both of them and myself, and tying them together more is one of the first steps for me to hopefully, maybe, get closer to those goals. I will be writing about musicians from all over the country, and maybe the world, so I may write about a local group that is in your area that you don’t know about and you can go see live.  There are a lot of good musicians that we never hear about because they receive little airplay on commercial radio, I would like to give them whatever little extra exposure I can.

I would love to continue a blog where I could write about anything that comes to my mind, but unfortunately I am not getting paid to do any of this, and I do have to keep a day job.  I hope you will continue to read, comment, like the posts I do.  I still would love your feedback as that is the only way I can learn and grow.  Again thank you to everyone and I hope you will stay with me on this new path I take in year two with Front Range Scribbles

Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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7 comments on “A Letter to You
  1. Of course I will continue to read your blog my friend. I am very curious to see where your blog will go. And you should always have a dreams, more than one if that’s a possibility. It’s what keeps us going and loving life.
    Lots of love and congratz on the one year blogging birthday!

  2. RebellRed says:

    looking forward to the future of frontrangescribbles 😀

  3. dragonflyzia says:

    I enjoyed your show tonight. Change up your blog as much as you need to, I’ll still read.

  4. The Hook says:

    You are more than welcome.

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