The band Churchill is breaking up?

It sucks to discover a band only to find out they are breaking up or calling it quits.  That is the case according to reports from Reverb about the group Churchill from Denver Colorado.  I just heard their material a little while ago and really enjoyed it.  The song “Change” off  “The War Within” EP is one of those songs that gets in your brain and it just stays there.  The group had been on tour in Europe with Pink and was set to continue the tour in the US this fall/winter and also to tour with One Republic this summer (even had a show at Red Rock in August) plus an appearance on Jay Leno.
The War Within EP

It’s sad to hear such a talented group break up, maybe whatever the problems that caused the breakup can be resolved, in the meantime enjoy the video for “Change”


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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4 comments on “The band Churchill is breaking up?
  1. Never heard of this band before but after listening to ‘Change’ ahh… too bad that they are breaking up? the song is so catchy and make me wanna find more of their songs.

  2. The Hook says:

    Perhaps they’ll make music with others that will please you, my friend. One can only hope.

  3. well I too had never heard of them… and I loved this song, so off to youtube to check them out I shall go!

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