Share Your World 2013 Week 21

Cee has returned from her break and has resumed her Share Your World challenge, this weeks questions are:

Do you prefer long hair or short hair for yourself?

I think I have answered this one before somewhere, corporate America frowns on long hair, so I guess mine is short.  The real issue is I have thick hair it gets all bushy if I let it get to long.  Baldness is not a concern of mine

Did you grow up in a small or big town? Did you like it?

I grew up in St. Louis by most standards it is a medium size town.  It has been really the biggest place I have ever lived in.  All of the other cities I have lived in are smaller than St. Louis.  It really has not bothered me either way.  Everywhere I lived has had plenty to do, sure they were not New York or LA but I don’t feel deprived.

What as your favorite food as a child? Do you eat it now?

French Toast for breakfast and toasted cheese sandwich for lunch.  Yes I still eat both of them today.  A toasted cheese sandwich and a bowl of soap reminds me of the cold wintry days of my childhood.

Regarding outdoor temperature which would you prefer – Sunny and hot – Cool and Breezy – Cold and Snowy – Cloudy and Rain/Drizzle – Other?

Sunny and hot, (but no humidity Colorado has spoiled me on that point).  My philosophy has always been, I would rather sweat than shiver.



Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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8 comments on “Share Your World 2013 Week 21
  1. Trisha says:

    I have no desire to even visit New York or LA. I don’t know how anyone could live there! Colorado sounds lovely though.

  2. The Hook says:

    !) My hair is fading fast, so short it is!
    2) Niagara is a medium-size town and it rocks!
    3) French fries, baby! And yes, they still rock.
    4) Cool and breezy.

  3. Cee Neuner says:

    Yeah, Colorado has no humidity. I live in Oregon now and it is humid most of the year. We actually get a lot of dust because of it…unlike in Colorado. Thanks so much for playing along!!! 😀

  4. I don’t know…..I think it may be easier to warm up than it is to cool down…..speaking as someone without central air. But since you’re the one participating in the share your world you have to pick..I just get to speculate. 🙂

  5. pattisj says:

    I hardly know what it is like to have no humidity. I guess that’s the downside of living in a beach town. French toast and grilled cheese–love them both.

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