Prairie Scholars, a long way from West Texas

This week on Front Range Radio, I will be featuring the group The Prairie Scholars.  The group is composed of Andy and Jessica Eppler who both are from West Texas, Lubbock area.  The two now reside in Colorado, having moved from Lubbock about four years ago.  The two met in college both having musical careers of their own, Andy performing solo and Jessica part of a group (Clandestine Amigo) .  The two joined together both musically and in marriage, we are the lucky benefactors of their musical union. Their music, as they describe it, is “West Texas Soul”  You will have to tune in Sunday to learn what they mean by that, but they do “document in their music a journey out of the flatlands and into the shadowy world in search of a home.”

Having lived in Lubbock myself for several years, I can tell you their music captures some of what life is like in West Texas.  The area is flat and Lubbock is surrounded by cotton farms.  In listening to several of their songs, I was taken back to my days in Lubbock, however you do not need to be from West Texas to appreciate their music.  The song “Twenty SIx Grand a Year” is a song I think many of us can relate to in these still hard economic times.

On Sunday’s show I will be featuring music from their CD “The Wasteland Ramble”, a song from Andy from his 2011 CD “Long and Lonesome Way” and a song from Jessica’s 2012 CD “Still No Empty Sky”.  I will also be featuring some of an interview I conducted with Andy and Jessica.

Please visit their website to learn more about their CDs and to download their music.


Join me on Front Range Radio Sunday night at 9pm Eastern Time on to hear music from The Prairie Scholars, they are a long way from West Texas, but I am glad I found them and their music in Colorado.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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4 comments on “Prairie Scholars, a long way from West Texas
  1. I enjoyed your show. It’s not my genre of music but it went well with a canning experiment. Question though……..the last song…were you just making sure we were paying attention? If I were a zombie I would never eat your brain….that is some funny stuff…stopped me dead in my tracks..”did I hear that right?” Yep I did and it made me laugh out loud! Thanks for that and have a good week! 🙂

    • Yes you heard the final song correct. I could not resist playing that. I cracked up the first time I heard it. What is your genre of music? Maybe I can find something in that style for you? Thank you very much for listening.

      • Mostly alternative rock at least that’s what they call it on our radio in Ohio, I think it’s just rock. Flyleaf is a newer one, but I like almost all rock. I like old country like Loretta Lynn/Pasty Cline but isn’t that bluegrass? I’m not sure. I like the folksy stuff like Simon and Garfunkle(did I spell that right?)Some of the…… I don’t even know what kind of music Blackmore’s Night is. Maybe I don’t have a genre! Please don’t play rap and I’m ok with everything else I guess.

      • I will see what I can find for you. I can’t say I am a big fan of rap either.

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