Share Your World 2013 Week 22-The Answers

I want to thank the individuals who took the time to come up with questions to use this week. I really appreciate your time and participation

If you were thrown back in time pre pioneer, what modern convenience would you miss the most?

There would be several things, radio would be one. The internet would be another. I could do with out tv, I don’t watch a whole lot now, I don’t talk to a lot of people on the phone outside of work. I would have to get a different job with no cars around. My number one answer would be a bathroom and modern plumbing. I am sorry but I couldn’t do the outhouse thing and I have to have hot showers each day.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair?

For myself, corporate America dictates my hair be short, so mine is somewhat short, its more thick than anything else. When I get my hair cut, there is a huge pile of hair on the floor. Baldness is not something I have to worry about. For women, I like long hair, shocker I know.

What were you doing this day or this season when you were 12 and 18 years old?

I am going to have to guess here for I really don’t remember what I was doing when I was 12, my guess would be that I was just hanging out with my friends as summer vacation would have just started. If it was a warm day we would be probably having a water gun fight or running through the sprinkler. At 18 I was working at a summer camp the summer between my senior year in high school and freshman year of college. It was not as crazy and fun as the movie Meatballs, but I still had a great time. It was a camp I went to as a child. You go and spend a week at the camp doing the horse back riding, hiking, swimming etc. type activities

What does summer mean to you?
Summer means to me, baseball games, spending more time outdoors, bar b ques, enjoying the longer daylight hours, vacations to different places, amusement parks. Summer is just trying to have fun.

Thank you again to all who participated and I am grateful that you did or else I would have to come up with my own questions, but you all did a much better job. I don’t know if I will do it again next week, I don’t want people to get bored with it.

Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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9 comments on “Share Your World 2013 Week 22-The Answers
  1. Rick says:

    Living in the south, air conditioning is a must.

  2. Cee Neuner says:

    Great answers. Sounds like you really enjoy summers! I would be with you on modern plumbing.

  3. My answer was indoor plumbing, I figured it covered more than one necessity. I know that’s cheating but it’s what I would miss the most.

  4. Caddo-Jael says:

    I’m definitely with you on the hot showers and indoor facilities!!

  5. Kira says:

    Great questions and wonderful answers! I like indoor plumbing too 🙂

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