Thanking a Soldier

Today is Armed Forces Day in the United States, it is a day to honor all those who serve in one of the fives branches of the military. It is a day to recognize those who sacrifice a tremendous amount to protect the United States. This is not a day to make judgements about wars and should the US be involved or not, because these men and women do not make that decision, they do as they are told. I live in a very heavy military area, I see many of these men and women every day and I see the sacrifices their families make when they are deployed. I can not thank them enough for all they do.

Most countries around the world have a day to honor their military personnel, I would ask my readers from abroad to find out when yours is, and thank someone in the military for the service they do for your country.

I was at a fundraising event this morning and one of the bands playing was Vets in Tune. The four guys who make up the band are all military vets and all are disabled in some way, but that did not stop them from putting on a great show. They did a great BB King cover and cover version of Prince’s “Purple Rain”





Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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3 comments on “Thanking a Soldier
  1. Ivan Taylor says:

    We really enjoyed playing for you. We will be playing at Fort Carson in July and at Peterson AFB in September. Check out our videos on you tube under Vets in Tune.x

    • Thanks for the info. Please email me the dates and I will be sure to promote the shows.

      • Ivan Taylor says:

        Vets in Tune will perform : July 25 11-1 at Ft Carson base exchange, July 27 1-3 Fitzsimmons Vets Home, and the last Friday of every month at the Denver VA Nursing Home 2-3.

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