To little time on my hand

Today started a week and a half of various graduation activities for my two sons ending with a party the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. One is graduating from 8th grade the other high school.

Nine months ago this week seemed so distant. 18 years ago and 13 years ago these events seemed impossible. The time is gone.

Time the one thing man can not get back. We can get our honor back, our reputation, dignity, but time is the one thing we can never get back. All of the would of, should of, and could of are just that.

I have four years left with my youngest and less than three months with my oldest before they go away to college. There is still so much I would love to do with them but time is the enemy.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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4 comments on “To little time on my hand
  1. I am struggling to let mine go and start working on becoming independent, and the man he needs to be. Tomorrow is his last day of school, then he will be off to his dad’s for the summer, every other weekend with me, but unlike the last 12 years, he won’t be coming home to me to start school in the fall. I am having a hard time keeping it together. Congrats to your boys!

  2. I know all you do is blink and they’re grown. It’s scarey how fast it happens.Enjoy all of the festivities and savor the memories.

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