Andy Palmer-Former Lawyer Returns to Music

This week on Front Range Radio, I will be featuring Andy Palmer and songs off his brand new CD “Hazard of the Die”. The CD was just released this past Tuesday and is available on iTunes.

Andy has had an interesting career path, he was part of a band that had some local success. Band broke up, Andy became a white water rafting tour guide, lived and worked at a Buddhist retreat, spent six months living alone in a yurt, went to law school, became a layer and worked in Brooklyn as a New York City public defender before leaving the law profession and returning to music full-time.

He has been compared to Tom Waites, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash to name just a few, with his distinctive gritty vocals. The new CD has songs that were inspired by real life events such as “The Defendant”. According to Andy

“That was written after a public defender experience that bothered me. I saw someone in court being hauled away to Rikers [infamous NYC prison] letting out blood curdling cries as silence went over the court. It was pretty obvious something went wrong,”

Another song off the CD, “The Heart of Colfax” is a song about one of Denver’s major streets Colfax Avenue and some of what goes on on Colfax Avenue. The CD is raw and emotional, if you are looking for a CD with a lot of fancy instruments and synthesizers, than this one is not for you, however you will be depriving yourself of one great CD.

The video is for the song “Grrr” which is off of his previous CD “Sometime Around” also available from iTunes. “Grrr” is another song that will grab you with Andy’s vocals and lyrics.

To learn more about Andy Palmer you can check out his website Tune in Sunday night to at 6:00pm Mountain Time to hear selected tracks from the new CD “Hazard of the Die” and parts of an interview I did with Andy a couple of weeks ago at the Root 40 Music Fest.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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5 comments on “Andy Palmer-Former Lawyer Returns to Music
  1. Andy says:

    Many thanks for the piece, Tim!

  2. Hey! Now I found your name! Tim, is it? 🙂
    Well Tim, I nominated you for The Wonderful Team Member Award!

  3. Another good show, go ahead pat yourself on the back 🙂 It’s very nice that you are featuring local musicians, it’s important to support the little guy/girl. I’ve learned a lot about music and performers that I would never listened to on my own. Good job!

  4. The MV is very interesting as well as his voice.

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