Would you rather part3

It has been awhile since I have done a would you rather question. Put your thinking cap on. I always hated that phrase, I mean really what does a thinking cap look like but I digress.

Would you rather have to leave the country you now live in and be unable to return or spend the rest of your life being unable to make more than minimum wage?

If I could pick the country I could move to, I would pick that option. I have no idea what country I would move to. Yes I would miss seeing my parents, they would just have to learn how to use Skype. Minimum wage in the US is very difficult to survive on and my heart goes out to anyone stuck working at that low wage.

Which choice would you make?

Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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17 comments on “Would you rather part3
  1. Rick says:

    I would have to leave the country.

  2. Hard question! What is the color of thinking cap? Black, isn’t it?
    If I could be selfish I definitely leave the country but I am selfless so I guess spend the rest of my life being unable to make more than minimum wage. Minimum wage here is hard but nothing harder than separated from my loved ones and the image of dying alone in foreign country, no thanks.

  3. acflory says:

    Mmm… I understand the underlying question but I’ll take it at face value. I love where I live and I have lived my life swinging between being ‘comfortable’ financially, and subsisting on less than the minimum wage. Quite often I was happier when I had less. A lot of people who make a sea change in their lives and drop to a far lower income report the same thing.So… I’d stay. 🙂

  4. Move to another country would be my choice.

  5. Can I take my family with me? Then I would leave. If not, I would stay.

  6. Ingrid says:

    I’d struggle with the not being able to return part. Since I have traveled internationally, I’m pretty darn fond of the good U.S. of A. It would take a ton of money to get me to leave.

  7. Kira says:

    For me, I would choose to make minimum wage the rest of my life. I love where I live. I’m surrounded by family and friends. Plus, I would still be writing and having a grand time on WP 🙂

  8. I forgot that phrase…LOL…but yes, I heard it often…silly phrase…I think you posed an excellent question! Pardon the expression, but you DO have “your thinking cap on”—-I think the greed in this world is unjust! In 2000 years, we have not made much progress. I understand why someone would leave this country if they could make life better for themselves. SO much injustice in this world!

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