Thank you notes

As my mother taught me many years ago, when given a gift it is polite to send a thank you note, well I must send my thank you notes to a couple of people for nominating this site for a few awards.

First a big thank you to Petite Magique for the “Inspiring Blogger Award”.  I am very humbled by the nomination.  This woman has a great blog and some cool photos, please check her site out.


A big thank you is also in order to Wrestling Life for nominating this site for not one but two awards.  I think she must have been sleep depraved, but I thank her anyway.  She bestowed upon me the Liebster Award and the Dragon’s Loyalty Award 


For the Liebster Awards, there are 11 questions for me to answer so here goes:

1. NCIS or CSI? Neither, I don’t watch as much tv as in the past and I have not seen either of these shows.
2. What is your favorite childhood memory? Going to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve.  It was a family tradition that my mom’s family gather at their house on Christmas Eve.  My grandparents passed away many years ago, and my mom’s family does not gather together at all any more.  When I was a kid I didn’t realize how special those moments where.
3. Walking on a treadmill or walking outside? Outside, I enjoy the sights, the smells, and the sound of walking outdoors.
4. iPad or Kindle Fire HD? iPad I had a Nook but gave it up when I got my iPad. Love the iPad.
5. If you could have one moment to “do over” in your life what would it be? My move to Colorado.  Yes I love the scenery and the outdoors activities, but the move has been very hard in many ways and almost three years later I am still suffering from that decision.
6. If you won one million dollars and were told that you had to give 90% of it away to another person…who would you give it to? I would give a portion to my kids and then a portion to my parents.
7. 2 week vacation at a beach resort or a private mountain cabin on a lake? All three.  I could enjoy spending two weeks at any one of those places.  My top choice would be beach resort.
8. Shower in the am or pm? Morning, right after I get up.
9. Strawberries or blueberries? I guess Strawberries.
10. What was your favorite birthday present? There is a long running joke in my family about one birthday in which I received a comb and swimming trunks.  While the gifts are nothing exciting, it has provided my family many years of laughter and memories.
11. Star Trek or Star Wars? May the force be with you, Star Wars

I can not thank both of these great bloggers enough for the honor.  They both have such wonderful blogs and I encourage everyone to check them out.  I also thank you my readers, I appreciate the time you take to read my posts and the comments you make on them.

Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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3 comments on “Thank you notes
  1. You are very welcome! And thank you so much for the pingback!
    I like your answers to the questions!

  2. A2LSM says:

    Thank you for the ping back 🙂 And while I’m often sleep deprived…I knew exactly what I was doing when I nominated you for both awards! Your blog makes me smile and think and your comments always encourage me! Congratulations on all the awards

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