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It is PI day today so while you are measuring your circles today make sure you have yourself a big slice of pie. While you are at it how about a little “Cherry Pie” from Warrant.

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Phoneography Challenge: My Neighborhood

Just another typical Wednesday morning in suburbia America.  The sun is starting to rise and all is calm and quiet.  This was taken with my iPhone, no editing done. To see more from this challenge visit here      

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Share Your World 2013 Week 11

If you could go back and talk to yourself at age 18 what advice would you give yourself? Or if you are younger than 25 what words of wisdom would you like to tell yourself at age 40? I’m in

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Tag I’m it I guess

I was “tagged” several days ago by My Spoken Heart. It is a form of virtual tag like the games played when I was young. How it works, at least as it was presented to me, is as follows: 1.

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Sunday Post: Arrangement

Arrangement is Jake’s theme this week As my mind is wanting warmer weather to hurry up and get here, I went back to the Summer of 2012 for these pictures. A day at the Denver Botanical Garden.

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A tree surrounded by rocks, robbing it of full sunlight and nutrients from the soil. A tree with only a small rock as its neighbor.  How many times in life am I this tree?  Cut off from life-giving sunlight and

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Weekends were made for…

If you are of a certain age you will know the end to the above sentence used by a beer company.  If you don’t remember the commercial or are to young then I will give you a clue: I’m so

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Daily Prompt: Seven Days

You wake up tomorrow morning to find all your plans have been cancelled for the next seven days and $10,000 on your dresser. Tell us about your week. Since it is only seven days I want to maximize my time

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Let’s play

Do you ever just want to act crazy, stand on your head, let your hair down? When did life become so serious, so politically correct? When did we stop letting ourselves have fun? Every one is arguing, so rigid in

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Share Your World 2013 Week 10

If you could be an animal, what would it be? My first thought was a dog, because mine seems to have the good life. She wakes up, eats, sleeps, eats, sleeps, go outside and bark at the moon, bark at

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