Who is today’s leaders?


North Korea is rattling it’s swords, protesters outside of the Supreme Court this week both trying to out shout the other side, more posturing over gun control, and the budget.

What happened to civility, what happened to having respectful discussions? There are to many issues that need to be solved.

Peace is a state of harmony characterized by the lack of violent, conflict behaviours and the freedom from fear of violence. Do you see that today? I don’t see it. What happened to us? When did things take a turn for a worse? It doesn’t matter now, we should be working to get back to civility, back to freedom from fear of violence.

Respect and the Golden Rule, yes they may have come from biblical times, but that doesn’t make them any less relevant today. Jesus, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Gandhi, Mother Theresa, all tried to teach previous generations, who is around to teach us, to be an example for us today? Who will step up to be an example for us today? Why not you and I? We can make a difference, but only if you believe.

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5 comments on “Who is today’s leaders?
  1. Nicely said! I will definitely take a look!

  2. Kozo says:

    I believe and I will gladly join you to be an example of peace. I’ll start with respect and the Golden Rule in my daily interactions. Thank you for this reminder. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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