In search of a friend

Will you be my friend
Thru thick and thin
Will you be my friend
Not just someone who hits a button on Facebook
Will you be my friend
There for me all the time not just when it’s convenient
Will you be my friend
Offering more than an occasional “Hi”

This week has been a very hard week having to deal with a few problems with one of my children, and it got me thinking about friendship. Having moved several times in my “adult” life it seems harder and harder to develop true friendships with people. A friendship that is more than just someone at work, a friendship that you can go to talk to when things are rough. A friendship takes work and sacrifice. It is more than just a once a year Christmas card or email. I admire the people who have many true friends, friends that are there for them any day, any month regardless of the miles, or the hour. If you are lucky enough to have someone like that in your life you have one of the greatest treasures one can have.


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Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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6 comments on “In search of a friend
  1. I am very lucky to have the best friends a girl can have. It does take 2 though, I’ve had the hysterical 2am phone calls from a good friend after a break up and I dragged my butt over to her house to console. I do agree that good friends are hard to come by, treasure the ones you have. 🙂

  2. I think I’m also lucky to have true friends. Although they got married so they don’t have time for me like before, I feel the connection in every time I talk to them. I don’t have many, perhaps 2-3 people whom I can call true friends but I think they’re enough. Like you said, it takes time to build up the real friendship.

  3. wisejourney says:

    I have moved a good deal and spend much of my adult life overseas with friends now dispersed around not only this country but the world. The time and distance don’t matter with true friends and I am blessed to have a great many , even though I get to be with them in person less often than I would like: they will always be in my world and my heart.

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