Share Your World 2013 Week 4

List 4 things off your bucket list that you would like to share with us. Assume that money is no object.

1) Travel to England-I would like to spend a month or more in England, but I would like a local to take me around to see England. I would hope that this person would be able to show me more of England than just what a normal tourist would see, you know the sights off the beaten path or a good restaurant that does not show up in a tour guide. I also want to see the small towns, not just London, but the smaller towns and cities away from London. Meet people and get to know them. Why England? Why not? I have never been so its one of those places I have always wanted to visit. Any takers for a tour guide?

Abby Road Studios photo from Wikipedia

Abby Road Studios photo from Wikipedia

2) Travel to Australia. Same as above spend a month or more seeing the country with a local person. Australia is one of those countries that has always fascinated me and, like England, I would love to visit.

image from

image from

3) Learn how to ride a motorcycle. Of course it has to be a Harley Davidson and then I have to go to Sturgis. The main goal however would be to learn how to ride one.

Image from

Image from


4) Have a daily radio show. I am not going to bore you with the details on this one as it is something I have mentioned several times

image from

image from

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Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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20 comments on “Share Your World 2013 Week 4
  1. says:

    yeah, when going for tour, it’s better to go for the real one, rather than going to those places ‘gazette’ for tourists ! in this way, you can have real feel of the country, more enriching experience!

  2. I like your list! I would let my husband take me to Europe! Buy a house and farm! And win a Grammy that would be so cool! And lastly grow old and be happy and healthy! I want to see halies comment comeback round!

  3. loustar02 says:

    Love it – come to England, it is a fantastic place!

  4. Radio……..could you start a you tube channel? You could voice over pictures if you don’t want to be seen, maybe? It’s not my dream so I don’t know if that helps. Life is short and you should follow your dreams. Trust me it’s way easier to tell you that , than it is to follow my own advice 🙂

  5. I like the idea of the daily radio show! (:

  6. Trisha says:

    Great list! I wish you luck in making all these dreams come true.

  7. pattisj says:

    Great dreams to aspire to.

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