Golden Toilet Award-2012

JulesPaige had a great idea from a comment she made on my post “I will miss you, NOT!” She suggested of creating an award show called “The Johnny” for all of the stuff we would like to “flush”.  I have decided to take her idea and run with it in the direction of people I would like to flush.  The proud recipients will be awarded the (drum roll please)

Golden Toilet Award”

Gold-ToiletYes the winners will be excited to know they have won the Golden Toilet Award to add to their collection of honors.  I will start by giving out my awards for those in 2012 who deserve the Golden Toilet Award, I will then in January 2013 give out monthly Golden Toilet Awards to those who have deemed themselves worthy of the award during the month.  You are welcome to submit your nominations of those who you feel are worthy enough to receive this high honor.

So with out further delay here are my winners for 2012:

Lindsay Lohan


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She is a model citizen, a shining example for all to follow, that is if you are interested in a life of having to appear before a judge all the time.  She topped 2012 off by appearing in the Lifetime movie  “Liz and Dick” in which her performance was panned by many.  Charlie Sheen gave her money so she could pay part of her IRS debt.  Lindsay the world is tired of you, your addiction problems, and your court problems, it is time for you to be flushed.


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I am tired of hearing about your on and off relationship with Chris Brown, your partying, or anything else involving you, it is time for you to be flushed.


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The song was catchy the video was cute but it got old real fast.  It also didn’t help that in your pre-fame years you rapped about killing Americans.  It is time for you to be flushed.

Piers Morgan

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Your show on CNN has been doing terrible in the ratings, your role in the British phone hacking scandal, you then criticize American’s right to own guns and our 2nd Amendment.  Hey Piers explain how the city of Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws yet they have 500 homicides in 2012.  You top it off by saying the Bible is flawed and should be amended.  No wonder thousands have signed a petition on the White House web site asking you to be deported. Piers it is time for you to be flushed.

US Congress

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Politicians will probably always be on this list and one party is just as bad as the other.  We have a huge fiscal problem, we are spending way to much money but neither party wants to fix the issue.  Raising taxes is not going to fix the spending problem!  Congress and all politicians in Washington DC it is time for you to be flushed.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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8 comments on “Golden Toilet Award-2012
  1. Oops, there’s still a floater. . .all those politicians turned that into a double flusher. lol

  2. The Hook says:

    This was brilliant!

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! LOVE IT!!! Can we put CONGRESS IN IT”????

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