I will miss you, NOT!

A few things I won’t miss from 2012

Political ads. Living in a “battle ground” state I got so tired of the ads I was seriously thinking about giving up tv and radio or moving to a remote village.

Tim Tebow, Tebowing, or anything Tebow related. Can we give it a rest already. The guy has not started every game in a full season, I mean he is the most talked about bench warmer in pro sports.

50 Shades of Grey. Have not read the book but so tired of all the stories about the book. Now there is moving in the works? Ahhhh

The Olympics I am sure there were some great moments, I guess I missed them because NBC was to busy doing stories about every athlete instead of showing me any live competition

Rihanna and Lindsey Lohan. Ladies your 15 minutes of fame has long since expired please disappear.

Mayan Calendar/End of the World. To much hype but really it was all fizzle

Twilight-I have not read any of the books or seen any of the movies, could somebody drive a stake through these vampires please.

What will you not miss from 2012, please share.


Muses from the front range of the Rocky Mountains

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9 comments on “I will miss you, NOT!
  1. OMG LOVE YOUR LIST!!! I feel the SAME WAY!!! I am in WI so to many adds!!! I don’t like the olympics Rihanna OR Lindsay! OVER 50 Shades of grey (BOOOO!!!) And I HATE time Tibo!!!

  2. julespaige says:

    On a visit from JasmineKylesings….Funny list. You had me laughing out loud. Especially the bit about the 15 minutes of fame. Really – I do think there are too many award shows. Maybe they should come up with a new one called ‘The Johnny’ for all the stuff we would like to ‘flush’ 🙂

    I generally try to follow less news, family politics are more than enough. Especially being of the ‘Sandwich Generation’. Semi retired grama agrees with you 100%! I don’t even allow ads on my blog(s).

    Have a great new year!

  3. I loathe election years, and all the crap that is slung. Makes me sick. I am definitely glad we don’t have to do that for another four years, thought I can’t admit to being thrilled with the choice considering I am an independent. lol Lindsay Lohan–gag. The Kardashians—what is that anyway??

  4. […] had a great idea from a comment she made on my post “I will miss you, NOT!” She suggested of creating an award show called “The Johnny” for all of the stuff we […]

  5. […] had a great idea from a comment she made on my post “I will miss you, NOT!” She suggested of creating an award show called “The Johnny” for all of the stuff we […]

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